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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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this is r.t.i. that's taken up now the main stories we're covering the sounds of gunfire and explosions are heard across tripoli as u.n. forces press on with a no fly zone over libya marty international concern of a possible civilian casualties. the u.s. has rushed to join the military effort in libya is why it's already having to pay billions for ongoing conflicts elsewhere talking debate over who benefits from subsequently. japan resumes efforts to stabilize the damage reactors at the
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fukushima nuclear power plant to work was suspended for an unexplained when conditions. though jim is frozen without a government this week between two major ethnic communities continues next with the actions that the earth could spread across the rest of europe. the news updates in thinking it's time to return now to stay with us for a multi award winning film about one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in american history and change the landscape forever. on the day of this interview the small creek less than one mile from their home blows black and it's not normal that's come from a bamako manzarek come from slurring part. i don't know. what to expect soon i'll call. the maybe a few more years monarch. and my helpless knight down tremendously.
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and i don't ever let them be helped as i don't ever look to the front now think there's anything i can do to help. but i only thing i want now i want a good moral i want them to quit the company or quit in jake and whatever they're doing i want them to quit that. and. i want off maybe it'll. be. for the last twenty years. and hard. you can't make it without that water. comes through the. booze. currently there are over one hundred forty billion gallons of coal slurry contained in more than one hundred pound mints and west virginia alone the total quantity of coal slurry in the rest
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of southern appalachians. on december twenty second two thousand and eight coal ash impoundment at the tennessee valley authorities kingston fossil plant failed when an earthen dike broke spilling over one point one billion gallons of coal ash sludge over three hundred acres. coal ash sludge as waste created from the burning of coal at the kingston coal plant it is believed to contain toxic compounds including arsenic and mercury. the tennessee valley authority estimates the cost of the cleanup over eight hundred twenty five million dollars this spill is ten times larger than the exxon valdez spill in alaska and is believed to be america's largest environmental disaster to date we're throwing away the next generation's most valuable resource and that is water one of the best sources of water anywhere in the world and maybe the best
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source of freshwater in proximity to one of the world's largest fastest growing populations. you know with all the hubbub and all the lawsuits and all the carrying on that goes on in that in the press and you know the vanity fair's in the u.s. news and world reports. that where the authors are warning people to believe that that we're absolutely script in appalachia balance and nothing. in order to get the mineral is patently untrue it's patently untrue when you look around at the forest of mountains that we have a recent environmental impact statement from the e.p.a. estimates over eight hundred square miles of mountains have already been destroyed this includes the permanent destruction of over four hundred fifty individual mountain summits across the region the report also indicates the permanent loss of over twelve hundred miles of mountain streams. although federal regulations for
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mine reclamation require that mountaintop removal sites be returned to their original contour these mines are routinely granted wavers mined areas are typically graded and then hydro seeded with less bodies or grass which clings to the compacted shale and rock that now makes up the topsoil nature builds soil for free but she creates the soil very slowly and so you're talking about thousands of years to go from something like a rock mass that has essentially no soil or is the very thin covering up to generate a few centimeters of soil you're talking about hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of years continuing at its present rate the projected loss from mountaintop removal mining one point four million acres in the next decade an area equal in size to the state of delaware by the summer of two thousand and six at wylie has formulated a new plan for pennies a promise. our governments are doing or
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a local school board state school board doctor we do it in the way it shows and you know and parents and grandparents it's up to you to get this guy out there pretty kids you know we're going to go raise the money for school one way or the other how it will all play completely i'll give you the real key in our community. if you can get it it's showing that our government didn't come to this play to get nothing done for children. we're going to watch the trolls on leisure you know we're do you see you all know this is the rise awareness and raise money for new school it also opens a lot of doors of the playing to chapman in our communities as far as mountaintop removal what it's doing to those kids in the mining industry to our community this
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is the probably the giant hole what what it's actually doing to our children the governor made us tighten our kids our future my argument he should die almost up uncorking r.g.s. of norfork don't have them are. burning of coal for over a century has been one of the most deadly things that we humans have done through a very air around them even after one hundred years of burning coal and after one hundred years of so-called improvement of air quality according to the american lung association twenty four thousand people a year still die prematurely from air pollution from coal plants in the united states almost forty percent of the carbon dioxide emissions come from coal one of the things that has to happen is that the politicians the leaders of the administration as well as congress state legislators and administrations in the
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states all those leaders have got to finally say ok we want to mine coal in the two thousand election in west virginia was widely credited with giving. president bush the margin he needed to take the oval office was the first time that west virginia had gone republican in something like seventy years and guess what's going to happen come november we're going to carry the state of west virginia thank you called as he was widely credited for giving bush west virginia so it's no secret that he had a large debt to pay to the coal industry and they made sure he paid it through out mine safety throughout the rollback of regulations on dirty power plants through a variety of places he essentially stock all the regulatory agencies with with former coal industry lobbyists or executives like two thousand and one the bush administration and its white working changing the clean water act as
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a meeting waste as will this wording change here the way the expansion of mountaintop removal mining throughout southern appalachians. on january twenty second of two thousand and two president bush returned to west virginia it is such a wonderful day for us and for west virginia to host a special me in little with a special bond to our state ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states thank you. we can do a better job in america one of these days we're going to be driving you know automobiles that are fuel differently and that's going to exciting times for america and we're just new technologies coming down and we can encourage those technologies so conservation technological development got to be an integral part of energy folks we need more supply you know work sparking back here in the back
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and he said repairing a machine that digs for go. we need to use coal we got a lot of it and we need to make sure. thank. you where around the table for the past twenty years larry gibson and his family have been fighting to preserve their ancestral home place on kafer down outside charleston west virginia and when i met with the call come into my property here me and my family members and they tell me that we don't give a damn about people in her car and we don't give a damn about the people and how that mountain are we care about is profit we're making and it was the dollar i would have bought and that's how dry no in between there and if there's a vice president called it would auction and using kids from magical ninety nine three told me this gibson created the stanley heirs foundation refusing to sell his
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family's fifty plus acres to coal companies before mountaintop removal began his family cemetery was surrounded by mountain ridges today the family cemetery looks out on reclaimed mountaintop removal sites eighteen years ago when i came back and it took me for you to clear my family's symmetry and in one thousand nine hundred now i'm a third arrest and eighteen year old when i started this i couldn't get to people through this and now even my own family. now you know have i turned the corner i'll press the knob one day you know it was there was before the snowy there in my own mind only we. used. the young eyes of the day we're never seen where i've seen the young as of the day we're never seen or mountains to with no rumors no boundaries we are wrong.
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go gibson uses the land of k. for mountain to educate the public about the effects of mountaintop removal one of the biggest questions people asked me if i had a picture of the mountain before was destroyed. here people know why should you take a picture of a mountain for we're going to be here forever. day by day seventy five hundred acres of active mountaintop removal mines continue to encircle his property. another family cemetery sits across the ridge on the active mine site although regulations require the family members have access to these cemeteries requests are often not easily granted on the morial day of two thousand and six kids in a group of supporters make a trip to the cemetery they want a day we're going to go on the mine site at the cemetery. and we've got the how lord around in different things going on and i it's just a me a safety how i deal with joy and public health forty zero gold had to get the cold
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even under a graveyard. after filling out a jennifer cation and release forms the group was permitted to enter the mine site to begin a one and a half mile hike to the family cemetery. sleat i. said it. didn't mention having to sign a release to go basically she was. not heard it's with you. the first quarter why risk one man in my life was at that house on the water i was not there now we've got six seven hundred foot high wall there now i'm on a given birth he did not give me life. well. you can get in a cemetery through there and color as your round. i used to be a road over here. one
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right here. over here to the well i want to hear what i hear. your people are taking part in history this december third been here for two hundred seventy years and never had this many people want it in the last hundred fifty years and i asked them not down to come through here they were in so generous or kind and since we got a minister here i won't tell you what else they said to me. and these people i mean beneath these graves for the first time in julian come here four years ago we had case going to have dates on him they're no longer here if they didn't say that we came and got him. and it's not the case and the words are i'm still only going to say johnson and want to say is we're just not going to hurt here for alone time in
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mid august of two thousand and six the west virginia department of environmental protection we spoke to permit to massey energy to expand its play up the marsh fork elementary by building a second coal silo the d.p. determined that the second coal silo was placed outside the permitted boundary of three hundred feet from the school after maps of the preparation plan were found to be accurate. word loser cut. out of the. oh. nobody would stay on that. nobody will stand up to me for. i stand up for my grandmother fought
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. for her for all i represent don't feel remorse for elementary and i will and i will cry and i will. get something done for there's. no more al. going to. kill our police going to let. him know. how.
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well. i could talk to as many folks as i have along the way that a lot of folks shows for a lot of folks on the issue we've raised money for the new school and. one of our goals here and hopefully in. it was their number and i feel that we have conflict all three of them and i believe this call for a lot of powerful people on this issue now is very important for me to walk on march fourteenth two thousand and seven the state board of surface mining overturned a west virginia department of environmental protections ruling that tonight massey energy a permit to build a second coal silo behind the school his decision cleared the way for the expansion of messy energy's coal processing facility two days later a coalition of citizen conservation groups including now just
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a summer activists we turn to west virginia governor joe manchin soffits. and frank. you. are. really your fault and now your first three years for the rights of those children that i see it's raining how sad right now are saying we'll tell her about flood stay and serve it. does that mean anything to you we prayed for you all for three years and seven never missed an early release to think we need capital to be held accountable for. what i want to do you know what i'm going to do back to the back
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corner we need to clear this way because people are going to get back for her and i . knew that her real her. because we were going to school after one year will cure anything here i'm telling you we are not budging there's more coming god. we're around i hear people just like you know what they're offering their field. morning and we're bringing here while you like them worry wart results the day we want our kids to say. share. writers are here's a tip. for company in your code feel.
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you're on the wrong side of the. no we are the regular bring their money out and now. farmer where you need to be took care of our children. before the state can get involved in this series such as whether school should be the new school should be built a decision must first be made at the local. i've heard the local school board with the decision on a new school have more support before i go to the people of raleigh. so they can determine the blackall our own from themselves so i'm going to join me. now or could it. be. for. you. if you. can hear those.
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may say. people. are still here who. are good. care. i. can.
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the a. slow.
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if. me is leave. the team. looks.
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in taiwan. this type. typee how it pulls a hotel tonight be sure to type the hotel hotel while shall his the groom photo the show with her child some will be hotel kuvasz and so photos from the hotel resort evergreen the hotel type eat victoria hotel a prince her town hall springs resort and spa tied to a hotel while she plans come closer to the town town taipei evergreen plaza hotel in thailand.

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